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Otomotiv Teknolojisi Programı

The Automotive Technology sector is positioned as one of the main sectors of employment and the locomotive sector of the Turkish economy and stands out as the application area of ​​the latest and most advanced technologies. Turkey, as an important production base is located highlighted by the quality in this table.

The Automotive Technology Program, which is planned to be opened within our university, will be a program designed to train qualified manpower in the automotive sector with its applied vocational education. This program, which is planned on the basis of international education standards and professional qualifications, will work in design, production, marketing and sales services. The program will increase the competitiveness of our country in the regional and global area and will make a significant contribution to the manpower resource of our country. Vocational education will play a key role in the sustainable development of our country. Employees with high quality vocational training will contribute to the development of the sector by contributing to the production of quality products and services and increase the competitiveness of our country.

In the world and in our country, the automotive industry is experiencing significant developments and changes, as well as classic fossil fueled vehicles, electric vehicles and vehicles with hybrid technology. These developments and advances require manpower that is able to compete at a global level in this field and has mastered new technologies. This qualified manpower will make a significant contribution to the automotive sector both in production and after sales.


It is also important that the education to be provided at our Vocational School complies with the standards in the member states of the European Union. Quality professional trained employees to produce quality products and services, to develop the sector and will improve the competitiveness of Turkey.

Students will be able to measure automotive parts, automotive electrical and electronics, supply of fault detection systems, spark-ignition engines and diesel engines, fuel-injection systems, gasoline or diesel engine disassembly, lathe, valve grinding machine and connecting rod grinding machine etc. will be ready for the sector by taking theoretical and practical trainings on topics such as engine renewal benches, computer-aided drawing / design, directed study and system analysis and design.