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Yeditepe University, Turkey's first open a default that German vocational training. One of the academicians from Yeditepe University's Vocational School, who will be educated from a German school, will spend one semester in Germany as a workplace design. If they are successful, they will have both undergraduate and business opportunities in Germany.

Yeditepe University has added another international agreement on the way of raising world citizens. At Yeditepe University, they also signed the agreement with the German F + U Educational Institutions and sought the doors of Germany. Vocational School, which consists of inden Electronics Technology ”, Ağ Internet Network and Technologies”, “Mechatronics” and “Automotive Technology” departments, has an annual year of 20, full and 196 of which is 50 percent.

Signatures at Yeditepe University

President of the Board of Trustees of Yeditepe University Yusuf Akgün, Rector. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl and F + U Hans-Dieter Sauer, Founding President of Educational Institutions, signed the cooperation agreement at the meeting held at Yeditepe University.

In addition, Yeditepe University Founding President Bedrettin Dalan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aydın, Director of Vocational School Prof. Dr. Sermin Örnektekin, Head of the International Business Management Department, (German) Prof. Dr. Şule Aydeniz, Vice President of F + U Educational Institutions Herbert Schlager, Project Manager Yakup Dıvrak and Berlin Coordinator of Internationale Berufsakademie (IBA) University affiliated to F + U Educational Institutions.

Opportunity to continue work and education in Germany

Yeditepe University Vocational School will start to provide education with the departments of Electronic Technology, Internet Network and Technologies, Mechatronics and Automotive Technology in 2019-2020 academic year. Each of the departments 5 full scholarship, 49 of 50 students, including 50 percent scholarship will be taken. A total of 216 students will be admitted to the Vocational School.

Students studying in these departments will receive their first year German preparatory education at Yeditepe University's Ataşehir Campus on 26 August. In the second year and in the first semester of the third year, the university will undergo intensive practical training in its campus in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone.

According to the cooperation agreement between the two institutions, students will receive training in the form of professional workplace practice in one of the 1800 companies in Germany, where F + U Educational Institutions are contracted in the last period of the third year.

If they are successful, students who will have the opportunity to stay in Germany with the reference of this company will be able to continue their undergraduate education in the engineering departments of Germany's IBA University affiliated with F + U Educational Institutions.


Education from German Academics

During their education, German academics will also enter the courses of the students, who will be taught by Turkish academics, who are trained in German schools and who have high level experience in the sector. Within the scope of the cooperation agreement, academicians can also be exchanged.

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