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Mekatronik Programı

Nowadays, electronic, mechanical, computer and automation systems are experiencing rapid developments and computer controlled systems are widely used in all fields compared to mechanical employees, and artificial intelligence applications make itself felt in all fields. Meeting the need for competent personnel who will adapt to these developments and take them forward will strengthen the aim of our country to become a regional and global power and create added value.

Electrical-electronic, mechanical and related hydraulic and pneumatic systems and software systems have to be used together. As a result of all these developments, mechatronics continues to function as an important field of science. The application areas of mechatronics cover a wide range from home systems to high-tech medical devices, computer-controlled benches to robots. This field of science includes physics, electrical-electronics, computers and machinery. The rapidly developing technology has led to the necessity of addressing the fundamental knowledge of these different disciplines together, and the field of mechatronics has become very important.

The aim of the program is to train technicians who have the necessary skills and knowledge in the design, production, maintenance and repair of mechanical, hydraulic-pneumatic, electrical-electronic systems or computer controlled hardware systems used in the field of industry.

Graduates will receive the title of “Mechatronics Technician.

Some of the interests of mechatronics are:

  • System integration
  • Modeling and design
  • Sensors
  • Automation
  • Robotic systems
  • Technological production
  • Motion control
  • Vibration and noise control
  • Micro-devices and optoelectronic systems

Mechatronics program, electric-electronics, computers and applications both located at the intersection of machine and space as well as educating technicians have the knowledge-based projects will have a significant deficit in Turkey is very close. At least 50% of the program courses will be designed to include sector-based applications.

The graduates of the mechatronics program can be employed in a wide range of sectors and job types, such as robotic systems, automation systems, home appliances, automotive systems, defense industry, health technologies, aviation, image and sound processing.