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Yeditepe University Vocational School;

Combining its academic knowledge with theoretical infrastructure and sectoral applications, it raises privileged graduates who are ready for business life, have a good command of their profession, and meet the technical staff needs of the sector.

Yeditepe University opened a vocational school that provides German education for the first time in Turkey. Students who will take lessons from academics, each of whom has been trained in the German school and have industry experience, at Yeditepe University Vocational School will be sought-after graduates in both Turkey and Germany.

The programs in our Vocational School have been prepared to respond to the needs of the changing and developing world, to prioritize creative thinking, to encourage entrepreneurship, and to develop critical thinking and effective decision-making skills. All the programs in our organization are structured as having a curriculum that combines theory and practice in order to train professionals who are ready for business life after 2 years of education in German at least 30% at associate degree level.

Yeditepe University, which opened the Vocational School providing education in German, opened the doors of Germany to its students by signing a cooperation agreement with the German F+U Educational Institutions operating for educational purposes.

According to the cooperation agreement between the two institutions, students will be able to receive training in the form of professional workplace practice in one of the 1800 companies in Germany, which F+U Educational Institutions has a contract with, in the last period of their education.

We aim for our students to have a good command of workplace practices with the vocational training opportunities we offer in effective institutions in Turkey and Germany during their last semester (4th semester). Gaining effective communication and strong foreign language skills through practical training in the workplace, which accelerates specialization in their fields and enables direct employment after graduation, are the most basic elements of our curriculum.

At Yeditepe University Vocational School, which has a feature that gives importance to interdisciplinary education, our students are trained as professionals with multiple knowledge by taking advantage of the double major opportunities that all the programs of the college have and they are sought after at the international level thanks to their professional practice in Germany for a period of time. they graduate.